RFID and SMS based automatic Student attendance System.

     Indian schools are al set to implement a high-tech solution that will enable the school and parents to monitor and track stedents entry and exit from school called RFID and SMS based stedent attendance system. This monitoring system already been adopted by many remowed schools in India and the process of adoption is still going on.

     Parvati Software have been working in this ISKOOL smart Attendance system for last three years, so that children can be monitored and tracked from anywhere to ensure their security and safety. This attendance system is a smart card based comprehensive attendance management system.

      We provide wireless stand alone RFID devices to every and exits of school. When the student show their smart card to the wireless RFID device or Pass through ISKOOL Smart Attendance System, it sends an instant SMS to the parents informing "I am at school now".

      We are the supplier of RFID and SMS based an automatic student attendance system with wireless devices and electronic smart cards for schools, colleges, institutes. The GPRS and SMS based Student Tracking System tracks individual identity sends instant notification to predetermined phone numbers, reports attendance, and store data in cloud servers for retrival as customized reports.